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Grooming, Litter & Flea Control
From cats to birds, Arnold's Pets & Supplies has it all!
Since 1962, we have been providing Northfield and its surrounding area with the chance to find a great, lovable companion.
At Arnold's Pets & Supplies, we know how important it is for your pet to have good hygiene. We carry a full selection of of grooming tools, shampoos, tooth paste & brushes to keep your pet looking and smelling good.
Flea & Tick control products are in stock all year around to protect your pet and your home from pesky fleas and ticks. Some of the quality products we carry are:
• Frontline
• Bio Spot
• Fiproguard Plus
• K-9 Advantage II
• Sentry Natural Defense
• Flea/Tick sprays for pet bedding as well as for your home.
• Nature's Miracle
• Adams flea & tic spray and much more!
 Dog Wearing Wig and Sunglasses
Need over-the-counter medications for your pet? We can help!
• Pectillin (diarrhea)
• Earrite - (insecticidal) ear wash for mites
• Excel De-Wormer
• Pet Tabs Plus Multi Vitamines and much more...
Let’s face it: litter odor is one of the most unpleasant parts of owning a cat. Selecting the right litter for your cat will make both of you much happier.
Arnold's Pets and Supplies has a wide selection of litters including varieties that are natural low tracking and superior at odor control.
Brands in stock:
• Worlds Best Cat Litter
• Fresh Step
• Everclean
• Arm & Hammer
• Yesterdays News
• Feline Pine
• Cat Attract
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